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About Us


E2I Athletics

E2i Athletics is a Dutch brand, established in January 2016. With a background in sports and being a personal trainer, the founder of E2i learned how people benefit from being heard, being seen and being accepted.
The mind and the body are way more connected than most of us think, so we wanted to create something in which both mind and body would be represented. We know how important and powerful physical health, exercise and stamina are, and how people can benefit from these qualities, so we started thinking of ways to implement these qualities in other aspects of life besides sports.
We decided to start a movement. First, we formed a team existing only of people who share the same mind state, and were willing to help others get to the same mind state as they were in.
This idea of a movement, sharing a message easily spread by visibility, eventually found it’s form in a clothing line. That’s how the idea of a mindful lifestyle-brand came to mind.
By wearing E2i you agree on spreading the message of unity, equality and acceptance.
By wearing E2i you support the way of life in which unity and inspiration come together and you agree to act according to these pillars:
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We create a community in which unity is key and where diversity is appreciated. He or she who is in need can be fed and empowered by your knowledge and abilities.

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We strive for a world where everyone unites. The ultimate goal is for every individual to become better everyday. Inspire others by reaching out, giving people a helping hand, even when it's not directly asked for.

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We live without fear of being different and standing out.

-Unity is key-